crop circle tables graancirkel tafelbladen

Crop Circle Tables - Graancirkel Tafelbladen
Email: [email protected] to order your Crop Circle table top.
Crop circle table gold
Crop circle table green
Crop circle table detail
I am a woodcarver and marionette player who is fascinated by crop circles and their mesmerizing geometry, also called spiritual mathematics. I wanted to bring their magic into my home and came upon the idea of a crop circle-inspired table. Friends were impressed, so I decided to make table tops for sale.

The table tops are covered with a thick layer of crystal clear stabilized UVG epoxy, making the tops level while retaining their 3D quality. It also makes the tables suitable for use out of doors. The above photos were taken without the epoxy layer, in order to show the detail of the designs without too much reflection. The epoxy layer adds something quite magical to the table tops.

I wish you much pleasure with your domesticated crop circle!

Sigurd Olivier

How to make your own crop circle table: CLICK HERE

Shown here is the oval 2-person table entitled "Yin-Yang", measuring 67 x 46 cm. and selling at €235 each. Below are three 4-person round tables, 75 cm. in diameter, entitled "Flower of Life", "Wheel of Joy" and "Maypole Dance" and selling at €335 each. Transport costs are not included.

Table tops are sold with cast iron legs as shown here or you can choose legs that suit your taste. There is a large choice on the internet. You can also choose the colour of your table top. Shown here are several suggestions.